Terms & Conditions

1.USE OF THE CAR: only the persons referred in the Agreement will be permitted to drive the car. The car will not be operated: a) For paid transportation, b) propelling or towing any other vehicle, c) in any race, speed, test or contest, d) by any person under influence or intoxicants or narcotics, e) to carry passengers in excess of the respective seating capacity, f) in other than a paved road of public highway, g) by any person without lessor’s pior permission, h) by any, less than 23 years of age unqualified driver. 2. MAINTENANCE-REPAIRS: abnormal wear and rear caused thought negligence will be repaired by the office’s means and paid for by me. I will undertake no repairs exceeding 2,00 euro unless approved by a detailed and receipted invoice.
3. INSURANCE THE CARS INSURED AND COVERS: Collision Damage Waiver (СDW), in Case of an independent accident the client is liable for the damages to the car up to 300 euro the customer pays. Full Damage Waiver (FDW) with surcharge 10,00 euro per day. In case of an accident, I undertake to inform within 24 hours
4.ACCEPTANCE: I hereby undertake to return the vehicle at the expiration of the rental. Falling that, I hereby authorize the office to withdraw from me the car in any price if fighre at my own risk and expenses, unless an extension of the rental.
5.RESPONSIBILITY: From the time of signing the present rental agreement till the return of the car I will be considered the owner of the vehicle. Consequently I will be responsible for fineinfringements and summons taken against me. Forgery or taking off the Greek Tourism organizations signs are absolutely forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to me to abandon the car. Is such a case the office will change me the expenses incurred for the collection of the vehicle and its return at the office’s premises. 6.DURATION OF RENTAL: contracting parties mutually agree to respect rental period. 7.COMPETENCE: By express agreement, in case of any dispute whatsoever arising from the present contract, I plead that the Greek Courts of Rhodes are the only competent to deal with the case. COPY of the present has been delivered to the (client) Renter upon signature